Hi, I’m Sara Carruthers

I am running for State House Representative of the 51st District Of Ohio.

The Issues

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Together with your help we can strengthen our schools and the local economy in the 51st District!

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About Me

I was born in Christ Hospital in June of 1962 to Donna and Ralph (Pat) Carruthers. My parents met at Champion Papers here in Hamilton. I attended Adams Elementary School and enjoyed my time there but it was a tough time in the country and I think children felt it.

My Junior High School was Harding. Harding Junior High was the best education in life and reality that anyone could ever have. Harding shaped my life a great deal and I’m thankful for every minute spent there. I went on to high school at Taft (most of my Harding friends went to Garfield) and became completely involved in music and theatre.

I am a proud parent to my two wonderful twins Elizabeth and Ralph “Rogue” II.

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